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Discuss your home design goals and see examples of our innovative window treatment designs and smart-home shade technologies in action. We can offer you the best product designs for your needs and then help you make the perfect material, fabric and color choices, essential for a visually stunning end result.

We come to your location to obtain the precise measurements used in the custom manufacturing of your window treatments, ensuring the perfect fit to the unique shape and size of your specific windows.

After your window treatments are crafted, our expert Installer will return to your home to complete a professional and flawless installation. Once installed, our window treatments will do more than just cover the windows…they will create new everyday moments of beauty, style and comfort.

You’ll enjoy brilliant new lighting effects every morning, energy-saving insulation every afternoon, or even convenient smart-home automation of your shades 24/7.

We offer many a varieties of Sheers & Shadings, Cellular Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, Roller and Solar Shades, Woven Wood Shades, Shutters, Hardwood or Plantation shutters which are hurricane safe, Vertical Blinds, Wood Metal Blinds, Pleated shades.

Which window treatments should I consider?


If you are looking on a tighter window treatments budget then you might want to steer clear of shutters. Instead, you could look at using shutters as more of a feature on a couple of windows in your house. Shutters are becoming increasingly more affordable.


Vertical Blinds, Venetians and Roller Blinds can all provide an effective window treatment solution at an affordable rate. Each of these options provide a different look and feel while assisting with privacy, temperature control and sun filtration. The Price option is based on the colour range; functions or specific finish can still provide a viable alternative.


If you want the soft look of curtains then making your own is a great way to keep within a budget. We have many designs and wide selection of fabrics. We have a onsite workroom, where the seamstress would make the custom design as per your choice.

Curtain fabrics like anything in fashion have a limited lifespan. Thermal backed or Soft block fabrics offer an alternative from a traditional curtain fabric. Thermal or black out coated fabrics do not require a separate lining and soft block fabrics, while advisable to line can be used as a stand alone curtain without separate lining. This saves you money because the cost to make the curtain is lower and you are not required to pay for a separate lining. Thermal backed fabrics and soft blocks will hang slightly different to a traditional lined curtain so it would be a great idea to check if your local window treatments expert has a sample of each hanging in their showroom for you to have a look at.

Window treatments that fits your own lifestyle: One thing people often don’t realize is how much window treatments can be tailored to fit a particular lifestyle. It doesn’t have anything to do with the actual style of your home, but it has everything to do with the way you want to live your life. There are all sorts of choices to make when it comes to window treatments, and if you make the right choice, you’ll be much happier in the long run with what you get.

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