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Natural, stained, or painted wood and the number of drawers, shelves and doors are just a few of the decisions needing to be made for custom cabinets. Our designers have over 25 years of experience evaluating all the information available, assessing individual needs and suggesting solutions.

To insure quality we have our own cabinetmaker on staff who has been successfully executing projects for over 15 years. When we complete the quote it will be detailed and accurate, and options outlined.

Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets are created by our cabinet maker on site, according to specifications. We also supply and install fixtures, sinks, lighting, and granite countertops to complete the new kitchen.

Office Cabinets

Office cabinets and bookcases can be designed to meet all your storage needs. They are then created by our cabinet maker on site, according to specifications. Built in lighting to highlight shelves or desktops are an additional feature you may choose.

Storage cabinets

Garage, utility room, or any room in the house may not have enough good storage. Our designers will assist you in determining how to best fill your storage needs. Estimates for the work are detailed and accurate, and quality of the work is guaranteed.

Book Cases

Bookcases hold treasures whether they are favourite books, family photos, or memorabilia. If your home or office didn’t come with enough bookcases,years of frustration can result. We offer free estimates and will work with you to design a solution.

We offer many grades of wood and shades of stains, as well as painted. Estimates for the work are detailed and accurate. Bring us your ideas and we will help you make your dream office a reality.

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